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Car loan from which bank – find in the loan comparison

Car loan from which bank - find in the loan comparison 

With a loan comparison, loan seekers can find a suitable car loan from whatever bank. The cheapest providers are listed at the beginning of the list shown.

The loan seeker enters the required loan amount and selects a corresponding term. With one click he then sees the credit installment that he would have to pay monthly in the future. Customers should know that credit rates can change over time. Those who opt for a long term get a lower rate than if they choose a short term.

The interest rate displayed for this loan comparison is not relevant for all customers. Interest rates will often depend on the customer’s creditworthiness.

This means that he has a good credit rating, he will also receive a low interest rate. But when comparing loans, not only can these conditions be seen, but often also whether free repayments are allowed. Rate stops also distinguish a cheap car loan from which bank. The loan can then be applied for directly via the website of the selected provider.

Find the right car loan from which bank

Find the right car loan from which bank


Car buyers have the option of taking out a loan as a bank loan or financing the vehicle through the dealer. The latter loan is easy and convenient. The customer chooses his car and receives the appropriate loan immediately. Many car dealers also offer 0% financing.

However, customers should know that the discount granted for this promotional offer has already been added to the loan amount by the car bank. However, car buyers often have the opportunity to negotiate a discount of up to 20% when they appear as a cash payer at the dealer.

This is no longer possible with 0% financing. However, the car loan can be taken out at which bank via the dealer if the creditworthiness has suffered due to a negative entry in credit bureau. Especially when the customer is known to the dealer, he can graciously ignore the negative entry.

But then the other conditions have to be consistent,

Is the final installment financing a good choice?

Is the final installment financing a good choice?


A three-way financing or balloon financing can also be selected as the type of financing. With balloon financing, the loan can be taken out without a down payment.

The customer pays a very low credit rate during the term. In the end, however, the large final installment is due, which can then be paid in cash or financed further. With three-way financing, a down payment often has to be made. Here, too, the credit rates are very low and the final rate is due at the end of the term.

Together with the car loan, many customers simultaneously use a capital-forming life insurance policy that matches the loan term. When the term ends, the final installment can be offset against the sum insured.

Those who have not taken out insurance should save the final installment at the same time as the credit installment. Since the financial situation of the car buyer can change negatively during the term, there are difficulties with the settlement of the final installment.

The car then has to be returned often.

The car loan from which bank?

The car loan from which bank?


Generally, a car loan can also be taken out as a normal installment loan from a bank. The loan comparison shows where a car loan can be taken out from which bank. Many customers consider the house bank. You are known there, you know the customer’s finances.

However, loan seekers should not explicitly focus on the house bank. Because online banks or direct banks have better conditions. The reason they don’t operate a complex branch network and therefore have fewer staff. If an installment loan is being considered, it can be used freely.

With a special car loan, also from the bank, this loan can only be used to buy a car. However, this gives borrowers better interest rates. Often, the vehicle letter must be deposited with the bank as security. The car remains the property of the bank until the loan is paid.

No car loan with which without credit check

No car loan with which without credit check


All banks carry out a credit check. The customer’s financial situation is checked to see if he can afford a loan at all. Banks require sufficient income that is above the garnishment exemption limit. A clean credit bureau is very important.

All banks ask the customer’s credit bureau before lending. If this is negatively charged, the loan is usually rejected. Because, credit bureau provides information about how the customer’s payment behavior was in the past. In addition, the credit bureau score is calculated by the credit bureau, even if there are no negative entries.

This determines a value that provides information about the probability of a loan being repaid. Only if all the conditions of the bank are met will a car loan with which bank will be approved.

The online loan

The online loan


With a loan comparison, customers can find a cheap online loan. He does not have to go out of the house to do this, this can be done around the clock on the Internet.

If a provider is found, the borrower fills out the form and sends the loan application. A preliminary loan approval usually comes within a few minutes.

However, the final commitment may not come until the lender has checked the customer’s creditworthiness based on the documents to be submitted. This requires proof of income from the past few months, often also bank statements from the same period.

Evidence of monthly expenses must be provided. A declaration of consent for the credit bureau query is required.

Information about other liabilities to be paid is also requested, often a copy of the purchase contract for the car. If the borrower takes out a loan from the selected provider for the first time, the Postident procedure must also be carried out at Swiss Post.

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