How to accelerate the payment of the loan?

Are you looking for a quick loan? Or maybe you just want to receive cash without unnecessary expectations and extensive formalities? Let’s be honest – we live in the 21st century, in which we can demand speed from the lender and at the same time we have a real impact on how to speed up receiving money. Learn how to accelerate your loan payment in just 3 steps!

Quick cash – what does it actually mean?

Quick cash - what does it actually mean?

Exactly what does quick cash mean? For some customers, the offer available in 15 minutes will be quick, others will give the lender a little more time. Therefore, speed will be understood very individually here. However, so that every client of non-banking institutions could find something for themselves, the loan market in Poland took three different ways, allowing for a financial commitment:

  • Payday loans, loans and credits via the internet
  • Payday loans, loans and credits granted at stationary outlets
  • Payday loans, loans and credits concluded by telephone

Many entities also use a combination of the above elements. For example, a customer can start filling out a loan or credit application online, however, the financial product itself can only be provided at the loan office. Therefore, the borrower has a wide margin of maneuver and can choose the company whose policy is closest to his expectations among the available offers.

The term ‘quick’ financial products usually includes payday loans and non-bank loans. Loans will not be considered quick. Why? Because loans can have higher amounts than loans or payday loans, and thus – more formalities to fulfill. Of course, on the market you can find loans that have a minimum amount of formalities and a quick decision – but these will be rather exceptions to the rule.

How to accelerate the payment of the loan? Quick cash in 3 steps

How to accelerate the payment of the loan? Quick cash in 3 steps

The Internet abounds in many ways to borrow money. As a borrower who wants to get cash quickly, you should pay attention to some special elements. What?

Step 1: Application process

Going to the lender’s website, check the tab that says about the process of submitting documents for a loan. The rule is simple – the fewer steps you need to take, the faster the payout will probably be.

Lenders try to easily show that they have few formalities. Where to look for a description of the process? For example, check these tabs:

  • FAQ (i.e. Questions and Answers)
  • A quick loan
  • How it’s working?

And what if there is no such tab on the site? Then we recommend checking whether the lender mentions the quantity anywhere  formalities. If you prefer a company to provide you with such information in writing, you can send an email to it or use social media. However, you must reckon with the fact that the company will need time to arrange an answer for you.

Step 2: the possibility of submitting the application

In short, can you apply in the way that suits you? This significantly reduces the time to withdraw cash. When choosing a lender check whether you will have to bother him personally, or maybe you can do everything online.

Step 3: Prepare the necessary documents and information

This is the most important step for you because you have a real influence on it. Take advantage of it and significantly speed up cash withdrawals!

Different companies require different sets of information about you to be able to accept a loan application. Usually these will be:

  • basic personal data (name, surname, PESEL number, phone number, e-mail address, residence or registered address, information from ID card),
  • information on employment (name of the workplace, type of contract, other sources of income),
  • information about the burden on your income (e.g. whether you pay maintenance).

If you decide to apply online, you will most likely have to set up an account on the lender’s website, provide the required information and only in the second stage determine the amount of the loan and its duration.

What else can you do?

  • Answer the phone and provide information to the consultants of the loan company where you applied for the loan.
  • Check if you have entered the correct information in the form – is your monthly salary given as required by the lender (gross / net), have you not typed somewhere or have you completed all the fields in the form
  • Ask a company employee for instructions on how to speed up the payment of the loan

It is worth remembering!

  • The loan will only be granted to you when you get the green light from the lender. You should never assume that the lender must lend you money.
  • Only sign loan agreements that you understand 100%. If you need to read a “calmly” contract, do not worry about the fact that an office employee pushes you – devote to reading and asking questions as much time as you need. After all, it’s about your money!
  • If for some reason you want to withdraw from the loan, you have the right to do so – specifically, you have 14 days to do so.

We keep our fingers crossed that your loan application will be processed quickly and you will be able to enjoy the loan!


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