New tools – a tool that facilitates the granting of a proof loan.


Non-bank companies offering cash loans are being developed. It is not only about financial products, but also about their availability. Borrowers expect that a loan for an ID card will actually be granted to them quickly – just as companies declare. The Cantautomatic application comes out to meet these expectations.

Online ID verification of loans

Online ID verification of loans

The fact that the loan for online proof can be granted without certificates, and the funds available on the account in 15 minutes, is possible thanks to efficiently working procedures and tools. The most important from the lender’s point of view is to positively verify the identity of the applicant for the loan – exclusion of extortion, fraud, impersonation of another person. Therefore, verifying your ID alone is not enough.

What other tools are available? First of all, it’s a verification transfer. After submitting the cash loan application, the borrower is required to transfer funds to the lender’s account. This allows you to confirm the compliance of the declared data in the application with the data assigned to the customer’s bank account.

New tools – new possibilities

New tools - new possibilities

Online loan proofing companies also use other data and identity verification tools. This is a nod to customers who do not use electronic banking or do not have funds in their account at the time of applying for a loan. The Cantautomatic application is such a tool.

How does Cantautomatic work?

How does Kontomatik work?

Cantautomatic is an application that revolutionized the InfoTeck market. It enables direct communication between websites and fast data integration. This means that in a very simple, and at the same time fast and secure way, Cantautomatic will read and verify the data assigned to the borrower’s bank account. To do this, simply log in to your bank account.

What are the advantages of the Cantautomatic application?

What are the advantages of the Kontomatik application?

  • Safe – the application does not store or save data; the data is provided read-only and this precludes interception by third parties.
  • Fast – verification, comparison and confirmation of data takes up to a few minutes.
  • Transferless – no need to use electronic banking; having any funds on your account is not required.

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