Baby Abduction Case: Kerala Government Orders Woman Investigation, Child Welfare Department


After being embarrassed by a ruling party leader accused of kidnapping his grandchild, the Kerala government on Friday ordered a ministerial investigation into the incident even as the CPI (M) said it wanted the mother picks up her baby.

The Department for the Protection of Women and Children is reportedly investigating complaints from Anupama S. Chandran against her father and member of the CPI (M) PS local committee Jayachandran regarding the alleged abduction and abandonment of her baby in a cradle electric belonging to the State Council for Child Welfare.

Veena George, minister of state for women and children protection, said department secretary Rani George was in charge of the investigation.

It was assumed that the grandfather had abandoned the baby in the electric cradle here, she said.

“Instructions have been given to clearly review whether all mandatory procedures were followed after the child was received in the cradle by the Council. I have requested a full report, which is expected soon,” George told reporters. . She said that, according to the records, the Council received two children at its “Ammathottil” (electric cradle) here during the period and the DNA test of one of the children was carried out based on the woman’s complaint. , but it had turned out negative. Asked about Anupama’s father’s claim that the baby was abandoned with his daughter’s consent, the minister said that if someone wants to hand a child over to the Council legally, his mother should also be present in person in front of the council. the panel. “What I understood was that in this case nothing had happened like that. So, to establish the truth, the statements of several people, including the staff at the time in the Council, must be recorded, ”she said.

Offering his support to Anupama, the minister said that it is the mother of the child who asks for her baby and that the most important for her is to get her child back. Meanwhile, CPI (M) leader and party district secretary Anavoor Nagappan said the party had limits on intervening in the case because it involved legal implications. He admitted the woman approached management with the complaint to ask for help picking up her baby a few months ago. The woman was told the issue could not be resolved at the party level and advised to go the legal route to get her baby back, he told reporters here.

“The mother should have her baby… that’s still the party position. I informed Anupama that the problem could not be resolved at the party level and therefore we cannot intervene. I have also offered her my support if she goes the legal route, ” Nagappan said. He said the 23-year-old never came to meet with him, but only submitted a letter of complaint to his office and then spoke over the phone. The top leader further said he spoke to Jayachandran, a member of the local party committee, based on his complaint and advised him to return the baby to him.

“But, he had said he was unable to do so because the child was handed over to the State Council for Child Welfare and there were legal obstacles to recovering the child. child, “said the chef. The party’s explanation came days after Anupama, a former leader of the Federation of Students of India (SFI), a nurturing organization of CPI (M), alleged that even though she had submitted her complaint to the main leaders of the Marxist party, including Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, no one had helped her get her baby back. She had accused her parents of forcibly removing her newborn baby shortly after her birth a year ago and alleged that although she had complained to the police several times since April, they were reluctant to press charges against family members.

However, Peroorkkada police said a case was filed earlier this week against six people, including her parents, sister and husband, and her father’s two friends, and said the delay had passed. product while they were awaiting legal advice. Several charges, under IPC Article 343 (unjustified confinement), 361 (removal of unjustified guardianship), 471 (use as authentic of a forged document), and so on, were brought against the accused, they said. According to Anupama’s complaint, his parents did not like his relationship with Ajith, who was also a leader of the party’s youth federation. As the child was born out of wedlock, they forcibly took the boy away three days after his release from the hospital after giving birth. She left home in April and has lived with Ajith ever since, she said.

Police, however, said her father Jayachandran admitted the child was separated from his daughter by them, but claimed during questioning that this was done with her consent. According to the father’s statement, the child was placed in the electric cradle located in front of the Council in Thycaud in October of last year. According to the rules of the center, when they receive a child in the cradle, they keep the baby with them for the next two months. If no one shows up to claim the child, they would allow the public to adopt the child. The investigation was underway to gather more details and locate the baby, police said. The Kerala State Women’s Commission also on Thursday registered a case regarding the incident based on the mother’s complaint.

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