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A notice in the gazette published by the government of Andhra Pradesh last week placing the PA Brahmin Welfare Corporation under the control of the Backward Classes Welfare Department sparked controversy as Brahmin groups strongly protested the decision to associate them with the OBC.

Until now, the Brahmin welfare society has been under the Income Department (Endowments), and the notice in the gazette published by Chief Secretary Adityanath Das on September 23 was to transfer the same to the welfare department. backward classes.

The notification stated that the necessary changes would be made to the Second Schedule of the Government of Andhra Pradesh Business Rules, 2018. “The decision was taken to improve the synergy between the various welfare companies and to integrate it into the companies. Economically Weaker Sections of the British Columbia Ministry of Social Protection. », Declared the chief secretary.

Former PA Brahmin Welfare Corporation chairman Vemuri Ananda Surya said the gazette notice placing Brahmins’ welfare under the BC Ministry of Welfare was atrocious and showed just how Jagan Mohan Reddy’s government owed it to the Brahmins.

“This is not only an insult to the Brahmin community, but also an attempt to create differences between the Brahmins and the CBOs. Before the last parliamentary elections, the YSRC had promised to award ??1000 crore for the welfare of the Brahmins in each budget and build Brahmin Bhavans in each district. Instead of honoring the promise, the Jagan government combines Brahmin welfare with that of the CBOs, ”Surya said.

He warned of statewide agitation by the Brahmins if the government does not withdraw the gazette’s notification.

All India Brahmin Federation Vice President Dronamraju Ravi Kumar said it was about the issue of self-respect for Brahmins. “We want the state government to create a separate department for the economically weaker sections and bring the Brahmin Welfare Corporation under its jurisdiction, instead of creating unnecessary controversies,” he said.

A senior state government official, who preferred anonymity that it was the previous Telugu Desam Party government led by N Chandrababu Naidu that the PA Brahmin Welfare Corporation was first incorporated under the Department of social assistance for backward classes by a government decree (GO No. 11 dated December 8, 2014).

“Subsequently, the Naidu government transferred the Brahmin welfare society to the income (endowments) department in March 2015, following protests from the Brahmin community,” the official said.

However, some people later moved the court, challenging this ruling, alleging that the government was embezzling funds intended for temple restoration for the welfare of the Brahmins. “The issue is still in court. To avoid litigation, the government decided to transfer the Brahmin welfare society back to the British Columbia Ministry of Social Affairs, ”the official added.

The latest decision of the Jagan government also angered Brahmin seers. “We strongly oppose the decision to bring the Brahmin welfare society under the responsibility of the British Columbia Ministry of Welfare. We will discuss the matter with the office of the chief minister to see that the notification is withdrawn, ”said Swamy Swaroopanandendra of Visakha Sarada Peetham, considered to be the chief minister’s spiritual advisor.

“We propose to create a separate department for EWS and to regroup all the social welfare societies of the upper castes under this department. We hope to obtain a positive decision in this regard, ”said the seer.

A senior Brahmin leader of the YSRCP and deputy speaker of the State Assembly, Kona Raghupathi, defended the government’s decision. He said this was only to ensure the release of adequate funds under the BC Ministry of Welfare.

“The government has not issued any orders including Brahmins on the OBC list. They continue to be part of the open category and benefit from all the social protection schemes envisaged in the company, ”he said.

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