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KRISHNAGIRI: For the past nine months, the office of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in the district has been operating without a chair despite the government’s appointment. Krishnagiri obtained his CWC in July 2012 with four members and a president. In a February 2020 reshuffle, four new members took office, with the exception of new chairman A Siddharthan.

One of the members said: “The four of us work without the support of a chair, a critical position for making diligent decisions.

District Child Protection Officer (DCPO) D Saravanan said, “A Siddharthan works as a protection officer for institutional care in the Dharmapuri district district child protection unit. In the past nine months, he has cited personal reasons three times for not taking office.

The DCPO is responsible for notifying the state government if the post of president remains vacant for more than three months.

“As DCPO, I had informed of his absence from the state government on three occasions,” Saravanan said, adding that he had extended his support to the CWC.

“If the CWC has a chairman, it will be helpful if the committee performs its functions in an efficient manner,” he said, adding that the matter had been brought to the attention of Krishnagiri Collector.

Collector V Jaya Chandra Bhanu Reddy said the matter was communicated to the state government.

When TNIE contacted him, Siddharthan raised family issues for his inability to perform his duties and said he would send his resignation letter to the government soon.

Social Defense Department co-director Dhanasekara Pandiyan said he would look into the details of the matter.

Another CWC member said that since February they have visited all 24 children’s homes in the district and handled two cases of sexual abuse in the district. The team also organized counseling sessions.

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