Denmark asks migrants to work for social benefits

  • Migrants will need to find a job to receive benefits in Denmark.
  • New rules will help migrants integrate into Danish society.
  • Six in ten “non-Western” migrant women in Denmark are unemployed.

Migrants in Denmark will be required to work at least 37 hours per week in order to be entitled to social benefits provided by the government.

Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen

The new restrictions will be imposed on those who have been receiving social benefits from the Danish government for three to four years, but who have not reached a certain level of proficiency in Danish.

“For too many years, we have done a lot of people a disservice by not asking them anything,” said the prime minister, who added that the rules were particularly aimed at migrant women living on benefits, who were not working and were from “non-Western” backgrounds.

The Danish government says six in ten migrant women from Turkey, North Africa and the Middle East are unemployed.

“It’s basically a problem when we have such a strong economy, where the business world demands labor, that then we have a large group, mostly women of non-western origin, who don’t part of the labor market, ”Frederiksen said.

Denmark has one of the toughest positions on immigration in the European Union (EU).

In June, it passed a law by 70 votes to 24, allowing it to deport asylum seekers and process claims while they are outside the country.

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