Department of Social Justice and Welfare conducts awareness program on UDIC

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On Wednesday August 18, the Ministry of Social Justice and Social Welfare, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, conducted an awareness and registration program on the single identity card for the disabled (UDIC).

Held at the Community Hall, Gyalshing, the event was attended by Co-Secretary, SJ&WD, Shri Abinash Rai.

He informed the participants of the national project implemented to create a national database for people with disabilities (PWD) and to issue a unique identity card for people with disabilities (UDIC) to each person with a disability.

Cards issued are meant to represent transparency, efficiency and ease of delivering government benefits to people with disabilities, thus ensuring consistency.

Rai further indicated that people with disabilities will not need to make multiple copies of documents, keep and carry multiple documents.

He added that the issued card will capture all the details needed for further decoding using a reader.

The UDID card will be the unique identification and verification document for people with disabilities to benefit from various advantages in the future.

This map will also help to streamline the tracking of physical and financial progress of beneficiaries at all levels of the implementation hierarchy, starting at the village, neighborhood, district, state and national level.

He can be informed that the online registration will be carried out by the managers of SJ&WD after submission and verification of the mandatory documents, namely – Certificate of invalidity, Proof of address and identity, A recent photo in color passport format,

However, if a person does not have a disability certificate, they can get one from their respective district hospitals with the certification issued by the doctor.

Dr MB Chhetri, Joint Commissioner for Persons with Disabilities (Technical), Department of Social Justice and Welfare affirmed that the main objective of the campaign was to enable the enrollment of persons with disabilities so that they could benefit from the plans and benefits put in place by the government.

He further informed that to date five thousand seven hundred and sixty-seven (5,767) disability certificates have been issued, which covers approximately 32% of the disabled population in the state.

UDID coordinator Shri Sameer Pradhan informed that a registrant can avail themselves of a hard copy of the UDID card.

It will contain the unique eighteen-digit number through the UDID portal website and the PVC card will be available at the respective welfare offices.

In addition, he informed that 225 forms had been collected from Gyalshing for registration of UDID card.

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