Department of Social Justice and Welfare Hosts ‘UDID Outdoor Advertising’ in Eastern District

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Recently, the Disability Unique Identity (UDID) Outdoor Advertising and Enrollment Campaign was held at Singtam Nagar Panchayat Community Hall in the Eastern District.

Launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Welfare in Singtam in the Eastern District, the registration program saw the presence of the Deputy Secretary of the Department of Social Justice and Welfare, Abinash Rai , Chief Medical Officer (CMO), East, Dr Tempo Gyaltsen, as well as other officials from both departments.

During the program, participants were briefed on the national project being implemented to create a National Database for People with Disabilities (PwD).

There was also the issue of issuing a Unique Disabled Person’s Identity Card (UDID) to each person with a disability.

The issued card will not only bring transparency, efficiency and ease of delivery of government benefits to people with disabilities, but will also ensure consistency.

He may be informed that online registration will be carried out by SJ&WD officials in coordination with the district health service / hospital.

This will only be registered online after presentation and verification of mandatory documents, such as – Certificate of invalidity as well as the type and percentage of invalidity issued by the Medical Commission, certified by the doctor.

The verification will also include an address and an identity document such as an Aadhar or voter card, a bank account booklet (containing contact details) and a recent passport-size color photograph.

If a person does not have a disability certificate, they can get one from their respective district hospitals with the certification issued by the doctor.

The co-secretary informed that the main objective of the campaign was to enable the registration of people with disabilities (PwDS) so that they could benefit from the schemes and benefits put in place by the government.

He further called on all stakeholders to facilitate the registration process by publicizing the campaign and helping beneficiaries to reach the registration venue or district hospital in their respective district.

During this time, CMOs gave their support to the registration campaign and the doctors in the district hospitals were informed about the registration campaign.

UDID coordinator Sameer Pradhan informed that the registrant can avail the hard copy of the UDID card which will contain the unique eighteen-digit number through the UDID portal website.

In which, the PVC card will be available at the respective welfare offices.

It was informed that a total of 337 beneficiaries were registered today.

All excluded beneficiaries can register at the office of the Chief Medical Officer of Singtam East District Hospital.

Officials informed that the next UDID registration campaign will be held in Mangan on August 26, 2021.

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