Faculty wellness committee hears updates on employee vaccination efforts


While professors and university staff working in person can receive COVID-19 vaccines, many employees struggle to find open appointments for vaccines in the Triangle, the good committee chair said. -being from the Muge Gucsavas-Calikoglu faculty at a meeting on Monday.

During the meeting, the committee also discussed a new working group on caregivers and the vaccination schedule for University employees.

What’s new?

  • Monday marked the start of University week virtual wellness event for employees. Gucsavas-Calikoglu said faculty members should participate in online wellness activities designed to promote their overall well-being.
  • Gucsavas-Calikoglu said the committee should work with the administration of the University to improve the welfare of professors.
    • “I think last year’s pandemic showed significant gaps in the system,” she said. “I think these are things that future committee members will be working on, especially child care, equity and term employment issues at all levels in conjunction with other groups.”
  • Shu Wen Ng, associate professor in the department of nutrition, said the university’s imbalanced budget constrains options for addressing issues such as limited options for caregivers and job security concerns.
  • The Faculty Council recently launched a care working group, wcommittee members Rhonda Gibson, professor of journalism and JD DeFreese, clinical assistant professor of exercise and physical sciences, joined later.
    • “The task force was tasked with identifying gaps in resources for caregivers, broadening the definition of caregiver, comparing what other universities are doing, and then making a recommendation by June to the Council of the faculty, ”Gibson said.
    • Gibson said revised caregiving measures could be in place by December.
  • Committee members discussed the COVID-19 vaccination schedule for University professors.
    • In a message sent to the campus community on March 2, Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz said all University instructors and support staff working in person are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
    • Although she is eligible, Gucsavas-Calikoglu reported that many faculty members were having difficulty finding open immunization appointments in the Triangle region.
      • “I just think you have to be aggressive and assertive on your own,” said Charlene Regester, associate professor in the Department of African, African American and Diaspora Studies.

Who sits on the faculty wellness committee?

  • The committee is made up of seven active members of the University’s faculty, an administrator and two non-voting consultants. The members of the committee are appointed to this position by the president of the faculty.
  • According to the faculty code, the committee “monitors and works to improve the working conditions of professors, including salaries and benefits”.

And after?

  • The faculty’s wellness committee will meet on April 12 to discuss the COVID-19 relief program.

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