Gambia: OPINION: Chaos at CRC over staff welfare benefits! HR & Administration Manager, Raymond Sarr is leaving the CRC


Chaos at CRC over Employee Benefits!

HR & Administration Manager, Raymond Sarr is leaving the CRC

The head of human resources and administration, sidelined for the acting role of executive secretary, Omar Ousman Jobe, sees Amang as a strong and stubborn candidate after his remarkable role in leading a petition signed by Secretariat staff on Friday October 16, 2020 with respect to fees owed by the CRC to both current and former staff during their service with the Constitutional Review Commission.


Former Head of Human Resources and Administration, Mr. Raymond Sarr is an experienced human resources professional who has served in various institutions in The Gambia.

His assistant, Amang, having been a great resource for the institution is intelligent, intelligent, disciplined and results oriented and has always been a difficult puzzle to solve, which makes him a difficult candidate for the executive secretary. Omar Ousman Jobe.

Omar Ousman Jobe is biased, a liar and can only welcome officers ready to have their fingers twisted.

It is believed that Omar Ousman Jobe turned the water on Raymond Sarr to the Commissioners during his last committee meeting held at the Secretariat on Saturday October 17, 2020 in a way that many see as a complete betrayal of the trust Raymond had. formerly in Jobe.

The relationship between HR and Admin. Officer Amang Sanneh and Omar Ousman Jobe became obsolete as Amang known to many as Pa became a staunch defender of the masses in the face of Omar Ousman Jobe’s anger; a lying leader and flat bottom of his people.

Pa Amang and Raymond are both graduates of reputable universities in England, UK and are known to be bold and outspoken when it comes to employee matters.

Another HRD staff is intended to succeed Raymond Sarr while other HRD managers join the list of employees whose contracts with the CRC end on October 22, 2020.

Omar Ousman Jobe sees competent staff as a threat to his plans.

Omar Ousman Jobe facilitated the awarding of contracts to friends and close collaborators in exchange for bribes and most often inflated prices charged during purchases.

One of those deals is the song Mass Lowe on CRC which aired on QTV.

We all knew there was something for Omar Ousman Jobe and for many other activities of the Secretariat.

He is greedy and always finds a way to fill his pocket with unnecessary requests made through his financial department.

“I don’t want to work with someone who has their name signed on this petition,” a desperate Omar Ousman Jobe heard in a phone conversation with another senior CRC director.

As of this writing, the CRC secretariat is run by a total of less than 12 staff until January 2021.

Written by a concerned citizen

Editor’s Note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. The above claims are treated as “claims” until proven otherwise. Mr. Omar Ousman Jobe and the persons cited in this report would have a right of reply if they considered it imperative. Thank you for your kind attention.

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