Lucknow: Child Protection Committee Helps Child After Family Loses Eight To Covid | Lucknow News

LUCKNOW: Two and a half year old Ananya may not be able to figure out what happened to her family, but she can sense that all is not well.
At the height of the second wave of the Covid pandemic in late April, the Yadav family from Imaliya Purva village in Lucknow lost eight members, including Ananya’s father, Satya Prakash Yadav, in less than a fortnight. Acknowledging the tragic incident, the Child Protection Committee (CWC) is preparing to extend to help in Ananya.
The victims included Ruprani (82), Mithilesh Kumari (54), Kamla Devi (80), Nirankar (48), Vinod Kumar (60), Vijay Kumar (58), Shail Kumari (52) and Satya Prakash (34).
Speaking to YOU, Kamla Devi’s son Omkara Yadav said: “In the fourth week of April, three members of my family, including my mother, passed away on the same day. Even after three deaths, no government team visited us for an RT-PCR test. Five other family members died within 10 days. I have lost my four brothers and I have to take on enormous responsibilities. I have to take care of my sisters-in-law and their children. Omkar is a Group C employee in the Alambagh Railways.
Omkar said his older brother Vijay and younger brother Nirankar were farmers, while Vinod was a retired Group D employee in the railroad. Satya Prakash was a Group D employee in the Northern Railway Railcar Department and is survived by his daughter Ananya and his wife Poonam.
CWC member Lucknow Sangeeta Sharma said: “We will help the family to benefit from public plans. Since Ananya’s father has passed away from Covid, she will receive monetary assistance as announced by the government. We will also try to secure funds for the education of Nirankar’s son, Abhishek, through a central program. Omkar also applied for a government job for Nirankar’s youngest son, Karan.

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