Mahasangh praised for wellness activities, guests hope the body will influence policymaking


07 Jan 2021 14:42 STI

New Delhi [India], January 7 (ANI / PRSpot): The Delhi Police Mahasangh (DPM, also known as Delhi Police Mahasangh, celebrated its 2nd founding day on January 3, 2021 and Deepak Mishra, an IPS officer from Lot 1984, former commissioner special guest, and the guard of DPM, was the guest of honor. Mishra has been the guard since he retired from the active police service. Other special guests on this occasion included the former DIG, BSF, Wajid Ali, Niyam Pal Singh, Former ACP, Delhi Police, Eminent Strategist and Policy Maker Dr Krishan Jha, and Chhidda Singh Rawat, President of the Delhi Police Ex-Servicemen Association.
Addressing the audience on the occasion, Mishra said, “Police forces were an integral part of public life. In addition to maintaining public order, the police must also ensure the dignity of the general public. He spoke in detail about the work done by the DPM, also known as Delhi Police Mahasangh, over the past year, as well as its accomplishments prior to that. In his address, the former Spl. Comm. also echoed the various demands made by the Federation from time to time and praised the organization’s role as a policy advisory unit to the Government of India.
The DPM works for the welfare agenda regarding the police as well as its interactive existence with society. The main aims and objectives of the Mahasangh are: 1. To maintain professional links and contact between members of the police force as well as with practicing police and security professionals; 2. Keep members informed and informed on matters of national and international importance; 3. Express the opinions of the members in any manner and by any means deemed appropriate by the opinion of the members of the management committee or of the general body, as the case may be; 4. Undertake philanthropic, educational and social / economic programs for young people, the weakest strata of society and members of the association or their families in the fields of health, education, spiritualism, physical condition, vocational training, etc.
The ceremony began with the lighting of the inaugural lamp by the guest of honor and other guests of honor. Speaking at the event, former DIG Wajid Ali impressed everyone with his effective suggestions as well as his oratory skills. He appreciated the work done at the time of the epidemic by the anti-corona working group, across the country and in particular the Federation and asked the management to continue the good work.
Ved Bhushan Sharma, Founding Member and his wife Sangeeta Sharma, President of DPM, welcomed the guests. In his welcome speech, Sharma spoke about the work DPM has done over the past year and read the Federation’s goals for the year 2021. He spoke about the role of social media in disseminating information about the activities. of the Federation. He spoke in detail about the importance of social media in today’s environment, which he insisted has led to effective results. He recalled how he had shared different news in the past on social media platforms and watched the issue generate excessive public interest, which led to increased public awareness of issues related to the police service.

Bhushan also explained how a number of suggestions regarding the administration of the police, transmitted via social media, led to rectifications today. He also said that instead of continuing to wear the khaki-colored uniform of the British era, the Delhi police uniform should be designed and colored according to modern India. He also mentioned that Dr Krishan Jha’s contribution to reform would be the best police reform. at the World level.
In the coming days, the Mahasangh would also work on digitizing the files of retired Delhi Police personnel, leading to greater efficiency and accountability. While remembering his comrades, who were martyred in the Delhi riots of February 2020, Bhushan also referred to the exemplary work done by the Delhi police during the Corona era.
Famed policy maker and strategist Dr Krishan Varun Kumar Jha, who is also Delhi Mahasangh police adviser, said the DPM could become an effective non-political body to advance work and influence government. policing decision. He also provided full support to Mahasangh in digitizing his archives.
In one of his suggestions, he asked the police administration to set up a data bank on Delhi police officers and employees, so that when they retire, the Federation can track and monitor them. help with health needs or other problems. .
Finally, Bhushan thanked the dignitaries present at the ceremony, as well as the media personnel who had come to cover the occasion despite the bad weather. Signing the event, he said police and media must work together to make society safer for the general public.
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