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Concerned about the increase in child marriages, cases filed under the Protection of Children Against Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO), missing children, child labor and harassment, child protection officials children have planned to meet more often to eliminate delays in dealing with complaints about children.
Until now, the Child Protection Committee (CWC), a quasi-judicial body that decides on children’s issues, has met twice a week. The panel will increase it to 20 sessions per month. Until now, all cases involving offenses against or involving children were only dealt with on specific days, very often long after the incidents had occurred. The delay in delivering justice to children was a problem.
Child marriages for one have skyrocketed during pandemic-induced closures. Data from the Department of Women and Child Protection shows 2,074 child marriages were avoided between February and November last year, but 188 took place during the same period and the department has filed FIRs in 108 cases. Two dozen child marriages have taken place in Mysuru district alone.
Following a Supreme Court directive to promptly address children’s concerns, the Integrated Child Protection Program (ICPS) authorities ordered all committees to hold at least 20 meetings per month in accordance with the provisions of the Juvenile Justice (Child Care and Protection) Act 2015.
“Until now, there has been no uniformity of meetings between committees across Karnataka,” an official said. “Some CWCs meet six days a month, while others meet eight or ten times. Now there will be consistency. In case of emergency, meetings will also be held on other days. ”
HT Kamala, Chairman of the Mysuru CWC, said: “It will help the children to seek justice, as the committee will be immediately available to them. »Child marriage and POCSO cases constitute the bulk of complaints against children (under 18).
Kamala said, “There is a need to educate schools to prevent cases of child marriage and POCSO offenses. There are many cases of dropping out of school with neighbors and fellow citizens who later turn into marriage or POCSO. ”
She said there are more than a dozen types of cases including adoption of children, begging, RTE-related complaints, teasing and disappearances that are brought before the committee.

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