Presidency University Students Union to Spend Rs 5 lakh on Social Activities


The amount that has been set aside for hosting the fest and freshers will now be used to offer a scholarship to its underprivileged students and to treat children affected by Covid

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Posted 02.06.21, 01:52 AM

Funds earmarked for student activities like party and student hospitality at the University of the Presidency will be used to provide resources to a health care unit treating children affected by Covid.

The Presidency University Students Union, which will spend the money on the treatment, will also offer scholarships to disadvantaged students at the university.

Of the Rs 7.05 lakh in its pot, the union will spend Rs 5 lakh on social activities.

A university official said the decision in this regard was taken last week at a meeting of the student welfare board. The meeting was attended by the dean of students of the university, Arun Kumar Maity, among others.

Another university official said that after receiving the proposal from the students’ union, they had talks with the Institute of Child Health (ICH) at Park Circus. Forty percent of the corpus (Rs 3 lakh) will be transferred to the institute.

Deeprajit Debnath, assistant general secretary of the students’ union, said “it was the call of the hour that we devote resources” to helping those facing challenges.

“Events like holidays, welcoming newcomers can wait. Even if the campus reopens, we don’t want to spend any money on these celebrations. The funds will be transferred to the Institute of Child Health, which is setting up more beds for children who become more vulnerable to the disease. “

Pediatrician Apurba Ghosh, director of the institute, said “cases of children infected with Covid are being reported in wave two”. “We have 30 beds in the Covid service. To add more beds, we need funds. The students’ gesture is commendable. We hope this inspires many more to come forward.

A member of the students’ union said they would give scholarships to presidential students based on their family income. He said many students were facing financial constraints as a result of pay cuts or job losses.

“A lot of our students come from districts. Some of them have faced extreme financial hardship over the past 15 months. As we have limited funds, we will give scholarships to those who are among the hardest hit, ”he said.

The Student Activity Fund is created with contributions that students make at the time of admission.

The students’ union has asked the university to reimburse semester fees to students facing financial constraints.

A student must submit an application with an appropriate income certificate and other valid documents to request a waiver. “If approved, the fee will be refunded to a student’s bank account,” a university official said.

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