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Pune: State Social Welfare Department warned colleges in Maharashtra against strict measures if evidence against them is found regarding claiming amount of scholarship received by students under various programs .
The department has received complaints from parents and education activists across Maharashtra about some university principals withholding students’ results after they failed to pay the scholarship amount demanded by colleges. . The scholarships are awarded to socially backward students by the Department of Social Protection.
A student from Pune, who lodged a complaint with the welfare department on condition of anonymity, told TOI: “I did not receive my half-term result after refusing to pay the amount of the scholarship requested. I have made every effort to complete the forms and benefit from the plan because I am a legitimate beneficiary. The college has asked many recipients to pay the college amount in cash. I didn’t pay after repeated reminders, now the college has restricted access to my result.
Many students in Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Ratnagiri and other districts have complained to their respective social services about the demands made by the college in various ways.
The plaintiffs said that some colleges decided to keep documents such as departure or transfer certificates from students who refused to repay the scholarship amount.
Many students said in their complaints that some colleges also granted admission to recipient students and told them to pay the fees first and then apply for the scholarship and repay the amount received.


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