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Councilor Tovihito addressing the meeting convened by the Task Force for Effective Management of Power System in Dimapur District on August 27 at SLDC Nagarjan Complex. (Photo DIPR)

Dimapur, August 27 (MExN): Dimapur electricity consumers have been asked to pay their electricity bills with Nagaland’s councilor for the electricity department, Tovihito Ayemi, saying “We have to pay for what we use”.

The electricity department is not a welfare service, and electricity bills are not a form of taxation, he said at a meeting held on the matter to discuss the theft. electricity, improve revenue collection and ensure efficient management of power systems in Dimapur district, a DIPR State informed report.

Stating that a lot of business activities take place especially in Dimapur which is the commercial hub of Nagaland, the advisor recalled that without electricity, economic activities would stop if income generation was not improved. In this regard, he urged the umbrella civil society organizations (CSOs) to collaborate and extend their support to increase income generation. He further urged the department and civil societies to raise their socks and help by organizing awareness campaigns and educating electricity consumers to pay for what they consume, the report said.

Likewise, Dimapur Deputy Commissioner Rajesh Soundararajan noted that if the trend of income gap continued, the situation would go from bad to worse as the lack of a proper power supply would be a setback for all. development activities in the district. He further assured that the district administration would provide all possible support to strengthen the electricity sector.

The Principal Secretary for Electricity, KD Vizol, observed that power cuts continue to occur in Dimapur despite improvements in infrastructure and services. Attributing the closures to widespread theft of electricity, Vizol said Dimapur district alone consumes more than 50% of the state’s electricity. He said a special committee has been formed to tackle the problems through public awareness and education programs on energy saving methods. He also warned electricity department staff, especially meter readers, against truancy and said strong action would be taken against irregular staff. He requested the support and cooperation of all civil societies to increase electricity revenues.

According to the report, representatives of various CSOs expressed their views on the prepaid metering system and other areas of concern. Councilor Tovihoto assured that the issues would be dealt with by the task force, according to the report.

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