Unspent funds in the social protection department


Aurangabad, October 16:

The Secretary General of the Regional Congress, Dr Jitendra Dehade, submitted a memorandum to the Minister of State for Social Justice, Dr AS Vishwajit Kadam, regarding unspent funds from the Department of Social Welfare. The department has unspent funds of Rs 4.40 crore and no proposal has been received from grantees for its allocation.

Farmers who have a well are provided with an electric motor pump by the department. Some programs also include pumps for oil engines, PVC pipes for pipelines, Xerox machines, flour mills, computers, laptops, chili powder machines, sprinkler sets, training drivers, financing the purchase of cows or buffaloes for the dairy industry and goat breeding. For 2020-2021, some schemes are 100% subsidized, while in some schemes, beneficiaries can receive benefits by contributing at 20%.

Dehade in the memorandum said the welfare department has set aside funds for each scheme and the number of expected beneficiaries. A call last year for the benefits of the plan did not get the expected response. This made it possible to use last year’s funds this year. In addition, an additional Rs 1.5 crore was received this year. A revised ordinance should be issued benefiting the poor and the list of beneficiaries should be requested from the Gram Panchayat office and the distribution authority should be given directly to Zilla Parishad.

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