WATCH NOW: Public Safety and Public Welfare Committee votes 5-0 to reject proposed city-wide mask mandate | Government and Politics


Amber Hand of Kenosha also opposed the proposal.

“My kids go to school, they come home, their masks are disgusting,” she said. “They’ve got Cheetos in there, snot, it’s absolutely disgusting. And they have asthma. They breathe it in all day.

Pleasant Prairie resident Amanda Nedweski, co-chair of the newly formed Mothers for Liberty created to hold local elected officials accountable, said mask warrants hurt children and adults who had previously been traumatized by sexual predators.

“Often, sexual predators start the act of violence by covering the victim’s nose and mouth,” Nedweski said.

She said the warrants reintroduce victims to everyday trauma.

“It is very difficult for people traumatized by abuse to move around the community with a face covering,” Nedweski said.

Ald. Kennedy, who recently recovered from COVID-19 despite his full vaccination, said masks alone would not stop the virus. But a combination of vaccinations, social distancing, improved indoor air quality and masks would do it. He suggested that his own proposal be deferred in order to consider a 70% vaccination threshold, which would allow the mandate to expire. The previous ordinance did not contain such a provision.

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